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horoscope for Aquarius

Of all the planets having an impact this month, it is not the giants of the solar system that matter for you but a small dwarf planet. It is the dwarf planet Ceres that holds the keys to the future or at least a window into the future for she is a small planet on a big mission. That mission is to update your needs and priorities ahead of Jupiter and Saturn's return to Aquarius next month, with a three decade long Saturn cycle beginning just three days before Jupiter returns to begin a new 12 year Jupiter cycle of expansion. Ceres had moved through Aquarius from January to April with her first visit in four years a chance to update your needs and priorities as you moved into your new solar year. However, Saturn's return midyear to spend three and a half months preparing for the major new doors about to open in December alerted Ceres' to the changes ahead and while it should be another four years before she returned, she turned retrograde in July, doing a U turn and coming back. Ceres is back for just under seven weeks and back in direct motion and leaving on 10th November, her mission to update your needs and priorities couldn't be more important. In the meantime, Jupiter and Saturn are not only spending their last full month in a nostalgic and reflective part of your chart but this is the last full month of a 12 year Jupiter and a three decade long Saturn cycle, with a chance for completion and to close old doors. Meanwhile, life will go on and could become quite busy this month, especially on the professional front. The Sun will always spend the first three weeks of November in your career sector, with a New Moon on 15th November offering a chance for new beginnings and opportunities. Mercury, who retrograded back out late last month will return on 11th November while Venus will return on 22nd November, the same day that the Sun leaves. Venus and Mercury will work with Neptune in your income sector to make this as potentially lucrative as possible. Until then, Venus and Mercury will be working to keep the spirit of adventure alive.

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