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horoscope for Aquarius

Whether you are a January or a February born Aquarian, this is your month, with the Sun here and your birthday month continuing to unfold until 19th February. This year there is an unusual set of dynamics in play, in that things look very ordinary and like what you would expect from the launch of any new solar year but they could feel very different. You will experience this at two points during the course of the month, first when Mercury leaves Aquarius on 4th February and then again when the Sun leaves, ending your birthday month on 19th February. While your birthday month will still be unfolding, Mercury's departure is the point where you should have at least a draft form of your game plan and resolutions for the coming year. Instead, Mercury will not only leave you with a sense that there is a lot of unfinished business but with your mind far from made up on anything. It will be the same when the Sun leaves, not only ending your birthday month but all planetary activity in Aquarius. You should have something locked down by then but instead, there will be a feeling that you can't quite put your finger on. It will be a combination of not being ready to commit to anything, not being close to deciding what course the coming year will take or just a lot of loose ends. This is because while your birthday month will come to an end on 19th February you haven't even begun to explore all your options. What you are waiting for is Mercury to return for a double dip visit early next month, Saturn to return just days later for the first time in three decades and Mars later next month, for the first time in two years. There are major new doors opening next month. In the meantime, while Venus will start the month in your income sector, her departure on 8th February will make way for the Sun and Mercury to take over from where she leaves off. This will see Venus return to your communication sector with perfect timing. Venus will return on 8th February to begin a mission to give your heart and your relationships a voice, just a day before a Full Moon in your relationship sector on 9th February.

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