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horoscope for Cancer

There is a lot less pressure this month but also a lot more movement, with a lot of things starting to fall into place. The fact that this is happening professionally but also in life's more playful, creative and adventurous aspects also hints at a better work/life balance now being possible. The Sun will always spend the first three weeks of November in a fun, playful, romantic and creatively charged part of your chart before returning to your busy and industrious work sector on 22nd November. However, this year the lines between work and play are a lot more blurred, making it clear that this needs to be a priority from the get go. For the first time in 32 years you not only have Mars in your career sector this late in the year but he has been here since June. In retrograde motion, this has put the brakes on but Mars also spent much of October under pressure. While Mars won't turn direct until 14th November and that is when the professional pace will pick up, a drop in pressure will make these final two weeks back at the drawing board a lot easier. Meanwhile, the Sun will not only return to your work sector to find Mars firing things up on the career front but the South Node already here and this is what will set the wheels in motion for a total solar eclipse on the job front next month. With December the month when everything is destined to come together on the job and career fronts, this makes it even more important to work with playful and adventurous forces this month. Fortunately, while the Sun will leave a playful part of your chart on 22nd November, Venus will return on the same day and along with Mercury, who returns on 11th November will remain here for the rest of the month. With the dwarf planet Ceres joining dreamy Neptune in an adventurous part of your chart on 10th November, there is plenty of support on both sides of life's fence.

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