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horoscope for Leo

While it won't be obvious from the start, this is the month that for you, everything will come alive, making this a truly transformative month. As you move into the new month while there is a lot of focus on your social life and on friendship and relationship building, in particular, you might find that you are lacking motivation or that you can't quite get enough wind in your sails. Chances are this is nothing you can put your finger on and more that there is nothing firing things up. Even on the friendship and relationship building fronts, with planets in retrograde motion on both fronts, there is a lot of focus on the past and on pulling back. Even professionally, with the Sun having left your career sector last month and Pluto in retrograde motion in retrograde motion in your work sector, there isn't any urgency and nothing keeping you on the edge of your seat. However, the real reason why things may feel flat is that as you move into the new month you are nearly six weeks into the seven week wind down of a two year Mars cycle, the point when you are often running on empty. Mars still hasn't fully recovered from his retrograde phase last year and is not yet up to full speed. Instead of spending six weeks in a nostalgic and reflective part of your chart, the planet that gives us our drive and our get up and go will be here for just over seven weeks. However, everything changes when Mars finally leaves and returns to Leo on 12th June, not only returning to fire up your passion, drive, warrior and competitive spirit but to begin a new Mars cycle. This is when everything changes, the wind is back in your sails and you are ready to throw yourself into the things that excite you. Even when the Sun begins the wind down of your current solar year on 21st June this is unlikely to slow you down, because Mars has already spent over seven weeks closing old doors. Instead, things will get another bump when Venus joins Mars in Leo on 27th June.

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