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horoscope for Pisces

For you, the best thing about November is not just that this is a month that has a bit of everything but the one thing missing is the tension and pressure last month and especially the financial tension. It was the Sun's departure from your financial sector on 23rd October that took the pressure off Mars in your income sector. However, while this was their first clash here in 32 years this wasn't the only pressure they were both under, creating some tension on both sides of the financial fence. This makes the turnaround on both fronts this month not only exciting but a chance to start enjoying the benefits. While Mercury has retrograded back into your financial sector he won't retrograde back far enough to clash with Mars and while Venus, who returned late last month will, that will a different experience. As the planet of money, Venus' clash with Mars on 10th March is more likely to trigger opportunities. If this does fire up Mars' warrior spirit, just days before his direct turn on 14th November this will be a case of the planet of money waving the right red flag in front of the right bull, at the right time. Mars will be back in direct motion and income matters will be moving forward by the time the Sun returns to your career sector on 22nd November, beginning a partnership that will take you through to the end of this financial year. Meanwhile, there is a strong sense of adventure in the air as is normally the case that this time of year. The Sun will always spend the first three weeks of November in your sector of adventure, travel, learning and discovery but his departure and return to your career sector on 22nd November can put an end to this. Fortunately Mercury, who retrograded back out late last month will return on 11th November and held back by a retrograde phase earlier in the year Venus will finally return on 22nd November, the same day that the Sun leaves. This will keep a sense of wanderlust, curiosity and adventure alive until just before Christmas.

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